Writing excerpts

Samples of my work that have appeared at various children’s literature sites in 2012-13.



Originally published December, 2012 at Writing and Illustrating

Illo. courtesy Vesper Stamper

Illo. courtesy Vesper Stamper

Scarlett sprinted toward the clearing, pausing once to catch her breath. Behind her, a wolf crashed through the underbrush, tracking the scent of her fear. The sound faded slowly into the distance. ARROOO! The wolf howled bitterly at his loss of his prey. Though she had safely reached the halfway mark, his angry bay still caused Scarlett’s neck to prickle with fear.  She pushed on.  At the cliff’s edge, terns squawked shrilly and circled in the sky. Scarlett scanned the rocky ledge, unable to discern the cause of their distress. Dark grasses stood sentry in the still night air. Nothing seemed amiss. She clutched her woolen cloak tightly around her shoulders and stepped out.

Scarlett picked her way along the path, grateful for the faint gleam of moonlight. Forgetting to bring her grandmother’s lantern had been her first mistake. Lantern light might have prevented her from taking that wrong turn in the forest, too close to the wolf’s terrain. Scarlett knew she must be more careful now that she alone was entrusted with this important mission.

Whoosh! Wind whipped her disheveled hair into her eyes and sprayed pebbly dust across her bare legs. I must be getting closer, she thought. She peered into the gloom. The wind squall parted an ugly clump of bracken, revealing a smooth glowing orb. Scarlett sighed with relief. She crouched low and crept closer, listening to the deep thrum that pulsed from within the moon globe.



Originally published March, 2012 at No Water River

The moth nearly swooned as he flit toward the flame.
“My sweet spark! My love light! You signaled. I came!

How you dazzle and twinkle and tempt me to touch.
I’d kiss you my darling, if you’d not scorch so much!”

The flame danced and flickered. She’d wax, then she’d wane.
She glowed with a passion that drove Moth insane.

But her heart was not his, for another she burned,
A jealous sky-bolter whose jolt she’d once spurned.

ZZZTT! Lightning flashed, then wild thunder boomed.
Cold torrents poured forth. The lovers seemed doomed!

“Fear not!” cried our hero. He snatched up a leaf,
and sheltered the flame, who stayed dry underneath.

The leaf smoked and sizzled. Eight embers popped out.
“Our children!” cheered Moth. That’s what love’s all about.



Originally published September, 2012 on David L. Harrison

Monday’s child will win the race. cover art 001

Tuesday’s child soars into space.

Wednesday’s child may steal the show.

Thursday’s child helps learners grow.

Friday’s child makes sick ones well.

Saturday’s child writes tales to tell.

The child who is born on the seventh day defines success in her own way!


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Cathy, those poems are brilliant ! – Cynthia

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