Goodnight Halloween

Halloween 2013 024Goodnight Halloween

In the dark gray room
Lay a tattered costume
A dim glow-stick
And a bent witch broom
And the smell of
Fresh chocolate’s sugar perfume

And there were three little ghosts
Haunting a house
And a pair of black cats
With a little toy mouse
And a sad saggy pumpkin, flame guttered out

Goodnight room
Goodnight broom
Goodnight sweets I can’t consume
Goodnight mouse
Goodnight cat
Goodnight house and witch’s hat

Goodnight glowstick
Goodnight ghosts
Goodnight pumpkin-love you most
Goodnight socks and tired feet
Goodnight Halloween
Goodnight trick or treat

Come join the fun at Susanna Leonard Hill’s Fifth Annual Halloweensie event!
Write a spook-tacular story for little ones no more than 100 words long, using the words costume, dark and haunt.  Share your post on Susanna’s blog, then follow the links to read and enjoy dozens of fabulously creative Halloweensie tales.

Thanks for reading my 91 word ode to Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved Goodnight Moon (link will take you to a very sweet animation narrated by Susan Sarandon). For a sillier, spookier tribute, try Michael Rex’s Goodnight Goon parody.


About Cathy Ballou Mealey

Children's book author, repped by Liza Fleissig of the Liza Royce Agency. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, alumna, autism advocate, book reviewer. Reach me via email at or Twitter @catballoumealey
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59 Responses to Goodnight Halloween

  1. rnewman504 says:

    Cathy, This is super cute! Good luck in the contest.

  2. WOW!! I am SO impressed. This just gets me in a Halloween mood. Bravo for tackling this challenge. My favorite two lines: Goodnight sweets I can’t consume (so relate to that) and goodnight pumpkin – love you most. WOW!!

  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    Oh that is lovely, Cathy! It sounds straight from a bedtime story book.

  4. Joanna says:

    So full of atmosphere. I love this, Cathy!

  5. What a terrific re-write! I love it! Good luck to you.

  6. I adore your riff on Goodnight, Moon, Cathy! Best of luck in the contest!

  7. Aw, that is really sweet and atmospheric, Cathy! Lovely job!

  8. mariagianferrari says:

    Love this, Cathy! You get my vote :)! Happy Halloween!!

  9. rsonenshine says:

    What a great spin on Goodnight Moon! Very clever!

  10. Sue Wang says:

    OMG. It was my favorite book to read to Noah. And you did a fabulous job with this poem. Fresh chocolate’s sugar perfume—who comes up with that? YOU. I love it!

  11. Gabi Snyder says:

    Wonderful take on the classic! Fantastic imagery — such fun!

  12. Cathy, I love your special entry! It is very clever. See it as a book.

  13. This is perfect Cathy. I love it. (I’m trying to catch up reading and spotted an email alert in my inbox and couldn’t resist reading yours out of “my order” of reading them.) Happy halloween.

    • Aw – that’s very nice of you! Last year I read all the Halloweensie’s in between answering the door to pass out candy. This year I am going to start reading on the 30th so I have time to comment! 🙂 Happy tricks and treats. 🙂

  14. tinamcho says:

    Very cute! I like the chocolate sugar perfume!

  15. Iza Trapani says:

    Bootiful job, Cathy! So sweet and atmospheric!

  16. cherylsec says:

    Oh, I love this! Such a delightful poem. It made me smile. 🙂 Great job, Cathy!

  17. I’ve got the sad saggy pumpkin! Love your ode à la mode!

  18. Very nice indeed, thanks for popping over to Kyrosmagica to see my entry too! Happy Halloween!

  19. Loved the movement in your “Goodnight Halloween” tribute ode! Especially liked your line “Fresh chocolate’s sugar perfume.” This would be fun to illustrate too, Happy Halloween!

  20. So, so cute Cathy! Love “flame guttered out” 🙂

  21. Becky Shillington says:

    This is adorable, Cathy! I especially love the line, “fresh chocolate’s sugar perfume.” Wonderful adaptation of a beloved classic!

  22. The “Sweets I can’t consume” line made me snort. You sure know how to produce great verse, my friend!

  23. OMG, Cathy! Super well done and clever and fun! LOVE it! Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!!!

  24. Oh that was a lot of fun, Cathy…a perfect spin of of Goodnight Moon…I loved it!

  25. Love the language and the visuals. Perfect bedtime story-good luck!

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