Festive Feeding Frenzy – Holiday Contest

Image courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There is a cornucopia of fun, festive, sweet, silly and  serious stories for children about holiday mishaps and mistakes at Susanna Hill’s website.  Writers are posting 350 word (or less!) stories for the 3rd annual Holiday Contest! Come celebrate the season!


Alex carefully squeezed the last glob of frosting onto the roof.

There! Her gingerbread house was finished. The pretty cookie cottage featured a pretzel stick fence, red brick licorice chimney, and ribbon candy shingles.

Alex imagined her photo on the front page of the Tiptown News, holding her prize-winning masterpiece.

Daisy sniffed, and wagged her tail.

“Uh-uh! No licks or nibbles, Daisy!” warned Alex. “I’m bringing this to school tomorrow.” She climbed on a stool and carefully slid her project on top of the fridge.

Early the next morning, Alex’s dad shuffled into the kitchen for coffee.

“Woof!” barked Daisy, waiting for her walk. She whined and stared above the fridge.

“Want a biscuit?” Dad reached for the treat jar. “Oh – a new bird feeder. Let’s put this up!”

As Daisy played outside, Dad wedged the gingerbread house between two branches.

“Mmm… I must be hungry. That bird house smells pretty good!” he said.

Soon Alex came down for breakfast. Chirp! Chirp! Tweet-tweet! Chunk! Chunk! What was going on?

Alex looked out the window. Birds, squirrels and chipmunks swarmed around her gingerbread house, picking and pecking.

“NOOOO!” she shouted, dashing outside.

The birds flew away. The squirrels scooted off. One tiny chipmunk sat frozen with fear, a licorice rope dangling from his mouth.

“Put that back!” said Alex, stomping the snow.

The chipmunk flinched. He stuffed the licorice in his cheek and turned to run.

Then his eyes bulged.

His shoulders bunched.

His tail went straight and stiff.

He fell – WHUMP! – onto the ground.

Alex stared in disbelief, then she knew just what to do. She ran inside, grabbed the phone and dialed 9-1-1.

“He’s choking…on candy…he’s so little…Help!” she sputtered.

The operator spoke calmly. Alex followed her instructions step by step.

“The ambulance is coming. Is your baby brother OK now?” asked the operator.

“Uh, well. He’s actually… ummm… a chipmunk?” Alex replied sheepishly as the EMT’s rushed in with a giant stretcher.

And that’s how Alex’s photo, with her gingerbread house and a chipmunk, made the Tiptown News front page after all!

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63 Responses to Festive Feeding Frenzy – Holiday Contest

  1. The wonderful folks at WordPress Tech Support have repaired my comment box!

    If you left me a note, it went to my email account. I have pasted them here with site links.

    Thank you for your patience while we repaired the glitch! I truly appreciate your time and thoughtful words here at Bildebok.

  2. You had me glued to the page. Loved your news! 🙂

  3. Wonderful, Cathy! I love it! Leave it to a dad to think a prize gingerbread house was a bird feeder – that could SO happen at my house! 🙂 I love that Alex saved the chipmunk (great visual imagining her giving him CPR or the Heimlich maneuver :)) and still got her picture in the paper! So glad you joined the holiday fun! 🙂

    • Before coffee, I’ll bet either Mom OR Dad might have made the same mix-up. 😉

      Such a super pool of entries to your fab contest Susanna. I wish you all the best (and send virtual chocolate) as you wend your way through all the marvelous entries!

  4. jackiewellington21 says:

    This is cute. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing it. 😀

  5. Jarm Del Boccio says:

    Hahaha . . .what a fun story, Cathy! You surprised me. I thought for sure the dog would have eaten it. But then, that’s too predictable. ;-}

  6. Oh wow, what a twist! Silly Dad!!! And poor chippie! Glad she was able to help him, but LOL at what I imagine as the look on the operator’s face. “He’s a chipmunk.” !!!!!! Great story!

  7. I know I left a comment–or at least tried to–but that’s okay, when it comes to your writing, I’m happy to repeat myself. 🙂 I love this story– complete with licks, nibbles, chunks, dopey dad, choking chipmunk, and especially that photo op ending! …But I sure hope no chipmunks (or gingerbread houses) were harmed in the writing of it!

    • Double thanks for making the effort to repeat your comment Michelle! Surely the Grinch must be behind all the wonky website problems.

      No creatures, houses or EMT’s were harmed or even mildly endangered in the writing of this story. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Stacy Couch says:

    Cute story, Cathy! If one has to have cute chipmunk cheeks, might as well fill them with licorice!

  9. Vicki Rogers says:

    enjoyable story ,very cute.

  10. Joanne Sher says:

    Very cute-didn’t see that twist coming!

  11. Wendy says:

    The squirrels ate our Christmas lights last year, so I might not be so quick to save the chipmunks! Just kidding. I was smiling at the mix-up!

  12. Very cute, Cathy! I could just imagine the technique used to revive little Licorice Cheeks!

  13. This was cute, Cathy! I can totally see CPR on a chipmunk! 🙂

  14. elainekielykearns says:

    What a great story, Cathy! Good luck to you! 🙂

  15. Hayley B says:

    Chipmunks and gingerbread are a winning combination! So cute. It would be great fun to illustrate.

  16. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    Oh this is funny and made me hungry!

  17. Lauri Meyers says:

    Oh I could just eat your descriptions of the chipmunk freezing with the licorice in his mouth and stuffing it in his cheek! Love how this story came full circle. Happy Holidays Cathy!

  18. I would love to reblog this on FreeValley Publishing if you would give your kind permission. Very fun story! 🙂 -Sheri J. Kennedy

  19. I love the twist at the end. Very funny!

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