April 12 X 12 Challenge and a Candlewick Celebration

Do you believe in the magic of picture books?  I do!  And I believe I sense a tiny spark of potential in the picture book draft that I completed for the April 12 X 12 Challenge.

Here’s news about a terrific opportunity from one of my favorite publishers, Candlewick. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Candlewick has launched the “We Believe in Picture Books Campaign”and will celebrate September 2012 as “Picture Book Month.”

In August 2012 Candlewick will debut a new dedicated picture book website featuring one video per day from authors and illustrators, booksellers, librarians, Candlewick staff, and other picture-book lovers!

Candlewick invites you to participate if you, too, are a picture book lover. This link will give you the necessary information (PDF format) to create and submit your own brief video blurb on your favorite PB or why picture books matter to you.

Update:  Here’s a video trailer that was just released with more information on the campaign:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx4GAl_qxSA

It is easier than you may think to create a short video.  I speak from experience – my No Water River video debut was quick, simple and fun.  If I can do it, you can too!  I hope many of you will feel inspired to give this a try and share your thoughts on the magic of picture books!


About Cathy Ballou Mealey

Children's book author, repped by Liza Fleissig of the Liza Royce Agency. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, alumna, autism advocate, book reviewer. Reach me via email at cmealey@post.harvard.edu or Twitter @catballoumealey
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16 Responses to April 12 X 12 Challenge and a Candlewick Celebration

  1. Oh, what fun! Thanks for telling us about this, Cathy. Candlewick doesn’t give too much info (length, deadline) but I suppose if it’s before August, we’re good. We must think of something clever! 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard about this. It looks interesting! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. izatrapani1 says:

    This looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Cathy!

  4. Cathy, congratulations on your April draft and for seeing some potential. Mine this month struck me the same way.

    Candlewick is one of my favorite publishers. Will be interested in what they do. I don’t have a video camera. Just Skype.

  5. Oh I am so glad that we are both happy with our April drafts! Congratulations to you too!

  6. Wow! What a great opportunity to support picture books! Thanks for letting us in on it Cathy!

  7. You’re welcome Julie. I’ll post more info for the 12X12 group as I get it. Looks like a fun project doesn’t it?

  8. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    This sounds like a wonderful project. I’m not brave enough to do a video. Congrats on the April draft.

  9. Catherine Johnson says:

    Thanks Cathy I’ll try and do two at once one for NWR.

  10. clarbojahn says:

    This is a wonderful post, Cathy. Thanks for all the links. I’m going to check them out now. I’ve been afraid to make any videos but need to learn so I can do a book trailer for “annie”. Thanks for giving me even more incentive. Candlewick seems like they have a good idea. 🙂

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